Harting Ethernet Switches Obtain DNV Ship Approval

HARTING Ethernet switches have now obtained the DNV ship approval. DNV stands for Det Norske Veritas and is an independent, worldwide leading authority of approvals and certifications in the maritime area. The type approval is granted according to special guidelines that have been developed for international shipping. In September 2009, the Ethernet Switches received the respective approvals:
eCon 2030-A
eCon 2040-A
eCon 2050-A
eCon 3080-A
eCon 3080-A1
eCon 3080-A4
sCon 3100-AA
mCon 3100-AAV
mCon 3082-ADV
mCon 3082-AEV
In connection with the type certificates according to DNV, the temperature, air humidity and vibration characteristics, as well as EMC properties were examined. The subsequent product approval applies to areas such as machine rooms, decks and bridges. In addition to the demands stipulated by DNV, the requirements of the standard for navigation and wireless communication equipment for maritime shipping (DIN EN 60945:2003-07) were also confirmed for the respective products.