Harting Han Q 4/2 Connectors Now With More Wiring Options

The Han® Q 4/2 connector finding widespread use in automation and drive technology is now available with wiring technologies that dispense with the need for special tools. The power contacts for a rated current of 40 A are connected with the help of standard hex key. The two signal contacts designed for rated current of 10 A feature the Han-Quick Lock® termination technology that requires no more than the use of a standard screw driver.

With this addition, HARTING is providing the Han® Q series with a further variant offering optional termination technologies. The Han® Q 4/2 is frequently deployed in combination with the Han® Q 8/0 that is also available in crimp and the Han-Quick Lock® wiring technology for on-site assembly in the field. The mating faces are identical, independent of the respective termination technology, and are therefore 100 % pin compatible. This provides the option of selecting the most suitable termination technology on the device and cable side, according to customer applications and requirements.

The inserts fit the IP 65 housings of the Han-Compact® range and are available as plastic and metal versions. Among other features, metal hoods are available with a separate PE ground terminal point that place the protection conductor on the housing potential. With this new addition, housings are now available for all application areas and as high protection types for the Han® Q 4/2 axial screw and crimp versions: plastic housings for interior areas, metal housings for outdoor and indoor use and housings with conductive surfaces for EMC applications.

Technical specifications of the Han® Q 4/2 axial screw version to DIN EN 61984:

Power contact: 40 A 400/690 V 6 kV 3
Conductor cross-sections: 4-6 mm² (10 mm² optional)

Signal contacts: 10 A 250 V 4 kV 3
Conductor cross-sections: 0.34 – 1.5 mm²