Pepperl+Fuchs Retro-Reflective Area Sensor

The new RLG28 retro-reflective area sensor from Pepperl+Fuchs has a 60 mm constant detection field and a resolution of 12 mm over a range of 0…4 m. RLG28 allows the consistent detection of small objects within the entire detection area.

The sensor is an ideal replacement for current standard products that do not fully satisfy requirements. Installed in a standard 28 series photoelectric sensor housing, users can replace their existing 1-beam solution 1:1 with a 100 % problem solver without modifying the control concept.

Areas of application include the material handling, packaging and automotive industries.

The RLG28 specializes in the reliable detection of object front edges such as different types of pallets, sacks, packaged or reflecting goods. The sensor is also suitable as an ejection control for falling objects, an overhang control, e.g. by way of deformed blocks, and can also be used as a muting sensor.

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