Phoenix Contact TRIO-UPS Industrial PC Uninterruptible Power Supply

The new TRIO-UPS is optimized for use with industrial PCs. When used in “PC Mode” with an industrial PC, the TRIO-UPS has an adjustable DC voltage output time function. This allows the user to ride through short duration interruptions of mains power without resetting the PC with the remote reset function commonly implemented with industrial PCs.

Additionally, after the PC is safely shut down during its normal procedure, the TRIO-UPS cycles DC power to the industrial PC, automatically restarting it. This eliminates the need for a technician to manually restart the PC. A configuration and diagnostics software package makes it easy to configure alarm set-points, delay times and hold-up times. The software also allows real-time monitoring of the UPS status, including battery mode, charge mode and battery capacity.

The TRIO-UPS includes both charge unit and 5 A power supply in one compact package, providing a high density solution.

  • Power supply and UPS in one package
    • 24 V DC/5 A output
  • Selectable back-up time
  • Adjustable output
    • 22.5-29.5 V DC
  • Programming and diagnostics software
    • Configuration stick for offline programming
    • Selectable alarm set-points
    • Selectable delay and hold-up times
    • Real-time status monitoring
  • Remote diagnostics