Red Lion Controls PAXDR Dual Rate Meter

Red Lion introduces the newest member of the PAX family: the PAXDR Dual Rate Meter. The meter can measure two different rate inputs as well as calculate and display the ratio, draw or difference of the rate inputs. The meter’s LED display has 0.56″ digits, available in red sunlight readable or standard green. The display intensity is adjustable for low-level lighting conditions up to sunlight readable applications.
The PAXDR is a 5-digit Dual Rate Indicator and 6-digit Dual Totalizer in a single meter. Two Rate and two Total displays are provided (A and B), along with two additional calculation displays (C) to show the Sum, Difference, Ratio, % of Total or Draw between A and B displays. Any of the six displays are viewable: A, B or C Rate and A, B or C Total. The meter has two signal inputs from which the Rate and Totalizer values are derived. For the Rate displays, up to 10 point scaling is provided for each input, to scale non-linear rate processes. Separate scaling is provided for both the A and B Totalizers. The independent scaling allows for Rate only, Totalizer only or combination Rate/Totalizer applications, with or without the calculation displays.
The capability of the PAXDR can be easily expanded with the addition of field installable plug-in option cards. The PAXDR accepts the same option cards as our other PAX meters. These cards provide setpoint control, communications and retransmitted analog output.