Rittal Product Discontinuances

In an effort to streamline their current product offering, Rittal GmbH has devised a plan to reduce the number of overal parts within the Rittal product catalog over the course of the next year. Prominent products being discontinued include, but are not limited to:

  • CP – The RAL 7030 (stone gray) versions of the CP-L and CP-XL Support Arm product lines will be discontinued. The RAL 7024 (graphite gray) versions will still be available.
  • CP – The Quickline Panel will also be discontinued. Note this includes the recently launched product featured on page 31 in the Innovations 2009 catalog.
  • IN – RiLAN Industrial product line discontinued.
  • IW – Various industrial worktop products will be discontinued (some still available as a special order) including 2000mm wide worktops and those worktops prepared for turntable, CP-L, or pedestal/PC attachment.
  • TS – Discontinuation of all cable ducts other than those 2000mm in length.