Edwards Signaling Chameleon 103 Series Multi-Status Indicators

The Chameleon 103I Series features an onboard processor with an internal jumper that allows the unit to function as either a steady or flashing visual signal. The Chameleon is designed such that any one or all three lights can be activated by either a PLC or contact closure. The first light activated will illuminate either steady or flashing (set by an internal jumper). If a second light is activated, the Chameleon cycles between the two colors. A third activation causes the Chameleon to cycle between all three colors: red, amber, and green or red, amber, and blue.

The Chameleon 103 Series has all the functionality of the 103I with the exception of the onboard processor and internal jumper. While both series are PLC compatible, the 103 is designed such that all signal operation is controlled directly through a PLC’s ladder logic rather than through the Chameleon’s internal processor.

Either Series Chameleon may be panel or conduit mounted. An integral double-threaded (internal/external) mounting nipple accommodates 3/4″ (19mm) or 1/2″ (13mm) conduit mounting. Edwards long life multi-status visual indicators are ideal for use where smaller lights are specified and multi status indication is required.