Edwards Signaling Chameleon 108 Series Multi-Status Indicator

The Chameleon is designed to function as either a steady or flashing visual signal. It is designed such that any or all three lights can be activated by a PLC or contact closure. The first light activated will illuminate either steady or flashing (set by an internal jumper). If a second light is activated, the Chameleon cycles between the two colors. A third activation causes the Chameleon to cycle between all three colors: red, amber, and green or red, amber, and blue. One additional lens module and light source – strobe, halogen, incandescent or LED – can be added for a fourth signal.

The 108-DN Series Multi-Status Indicator utilizes the same DeviceNet interface as the 102 Series Triliptical Stacklight. It has been tested by ODVA’s authorized independent test lab and complies with ODVA conformance test and software.

The 108I Series features a multi-tone base module that allows the installer to select one of the following eight available tone options: stutter beep, continuous, 3 pulse horn, rapid siren, hi/lo, fast whoop, yeow and beep. The selected tone can be operated as an additional signal or used in conjunction with any of the visual signals. The signal is rated at 85 dB at 5 feet (1.63m). The 108-DN features the same eight tones but allows all to be activated over the DeviceNet network. The 108 is also available without tone capability in direct surface and 2 inch (51mm) pipe mount bases. 3/4″ (19mm) NPT conduit pipe mounting or surface mounting in non-hazardous dust and weatherproof applications.

For indoor applications, may be vertically mounted with lenses facing up or down. For weatherproof installation, it is recommended that the unit be conduit mounted vertically with lenses facing up.