IDEC/Datasensor TL46 Contrast Sensors

Datasensor is second in the world when it comes to selling contrast sensors and TL46 registration mark contrast sensors make it easy to see why! This series is the fastest on the market (up tp 30kHz switching frequency) with superior performance and high resolution. Additional features include definition and precision of the RGB emission and dynamic settings.

These sensors are available in three different versions to better satisfy needs of your customers with the best price-to-performance ratio.

Basic version
TL46-W has only one set push-button, and two LEDs indicating the output status and sensor acquisition condition. The performance and ease-of-use have been optimized and are offered at a competitive price.

Standard version
TL46-WL has three push-buttons, four LEDs signaling the output status, sensor acquisition condition, delay output activation and push-button activation. A bar graph is also available for manual setting of the threshold to detect particularly difficult contrasts. This version supplies excellent performance at a 20 kHz switching frequency.

Enhanced version
TL46-WLF presents a 4-digit display for setting of the most advanced functions, such as dynamic acquisition of the contast mark. The sensor reaches the maximum market performance at 30kHz switching frequency.

Accessory lenses with 9 – 40 mm focal distance are available for all versions, as well as a high-resolution focusing lens and a PMMA plastic patent-covered lens particularly suitable to food applications with standard 9mm focal distance.