New Literature from Red Lion Controls

Crimson Programming Software CD

Crimson is your single programming platform for Red Lion’s range of HMIs, Panel Meters, Temperature Controllers and more. With simple drag-n-drop configuration, complex tasks, from industrial protocol conversion to analog linearization, are made easy. Best of all, the Crimson CD is free, as are software updates, support, cabling instructions and communication drivers.

Open Platform for Extrusion Control
Historically, extruder control systems required a compromise of performance versus cost in order to simplify the integration of the necessary automation components. The combination of Red Lion’s G3 series of HMI and Modular Controller offers the most open and flexible extrusion control solution available on the market today.

Panel Meters Brochure
Red Lion Controls has more high quality solutions for your digital and analog panel meter requirements than any other supplier, with a wider range of models, sizes and capabilities – from their indicators to the versatile PAX process meters that let you add or change capabilities with plug-and-play, field-installable cards.