Schneider Electric Harmony Biometric Push Button

Schneider Electric’s Harmony Biometric Push Button is the first fingerprint reading device designed for industrial environments, where customers need extra protection from harsh conditions. Biometric technology is a more effective and less costly tool for safety and security than passwords or swipe cards that can be lost, shared or stolen. As the technology has proven to be reliable, products using it have grown more popular.

This new push button is fully stand-alone – there’s no need for a supplementary interface – and it’s compact and easy to install. It fits in a standard 22mm push button mounting hole and comes with an optional protective cover and guard. And it can remember up to 200 fingerprints, for additional flexibility and precision.

The Biometric Push button is protected against EMC noise and UV light, and meets IP65 and NEMA 12 standards. It’s similar to a key operated selector switch because it has two operating modes. It can be left in on-off mode, or pulse mode for momentary action. Authentication takes less than one second, and the false acceptance rate is less than 0.1 percent.