Heyco Snap-In Ratcheting Strain Relief

Heyco is pleased to announce that their popular Snap-In Ratcheting Strain Relief (PN 1280) is now removable. The Ratcheting Strain Relief can be easily removed by inserting standard snap ring pliers with .040” tips (Heyco PN 0054) into the two holes located on the outside of the part (see drawing below). Plus, they have lowered the price of this part!

In addition to being removable, the Snap-In Ratcheting Strain Relief offers the following benefits:
  • Assembly friendly! Independent of insertion into the panel, the Ratcheting Strain Relief self-locks onto the cable. Thus, it may be preassembled offline for final assembly at a later time or remote location for lower installed cost.
  • Installs easily with fingertip pressure into a standard round or Double “D” hole.
  • Currently available for one hole size (.875 with .770 flats). Contact Heyco for additional sizes.
  • Unique wire locking ratchet allows for generous wire range from .115” (2,9mm) to .575” (14,6mm)
  • Can be used for one cable or multiple cables (round or flat wire)
  • UL recognized under file E15331
The Heyco Snap-In Ratcheting Strain Relief can be used in the following applications: Wire Harness, Aeronautical/Aerospace, Computers & Related Equipment, Household Appliances, Telecommunications, Industrial Equipment, Automotive, Medical Equipment, Motors & Generators and Scientific & Other Instruments.