Pepperl+Fuchs AS-I G11 Modules for IP68/69k Operation

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces the G11 Module for AS-Interface specification 3.0. The AS-Interface G11 module delivers all the features one expects from larger, bulkier modules such as 4in/4out, a multi function LED on each port, sturdy mounting base, short circuit output protection and high 4 Amp output current, but in a significantly smaller 85 mm diameter housing. The AS-Interface G11 module boasts eight M12 input/output connections, and can be mounted in any orientation for significant mounting and operational flexibility. When the G11 is mounted to a machine, the AS-Interface flat cable can be routed in any direction for a perfect fit each and every time.

“Size, quick connection, and mounting flexibility are just the beginning. With an innovative clean design, the G11’s smooth housing prevents dirt and oil from accumulating. It’s also the first AS-Interface module on the market to incorporate two radial O-rings that ride on precision conical housing components, with optimal O-ring mounting pressure guaranteed by design to deliver an impressive IP68/69k protection rating that is resistant to high-pressure washdown and cleaning solutions,” says Helge Hornis, PhD, Manager, Intelligent Systems. “These design features also provide exceptional protection of internal electronics without encapsulation. This reduces thermal stress on the internal electronics, making the module particularly well suited for applications where frequent temperature swings are present,” he says.

Sealing at the AS-Interface flat cable is another significant advantage. This is achieved by leveraging the same field-proven technology used on Pepperl+Fuchs passive splitters. The symmetric sealing contours around the gold-plated piercing pins provide a precise fit to the AS-Interface cable. The only externally exposed materials are impact resistant and chemically inert PBT and stainless steel. The sturdy mounting base attaches with just two M5 screws and further enhances the impact resistant round design.

“The G11 family is already compatible with AS-Interface POWER24 and can operate on 24 VDC. As a result, a separate AS-Interface power supply is no longer necessary. The outputs provide a cumulative current of 4 A, and in the event of a short circuit at the output, not only is the fault transmitted to the controller, a red LED at the relevant M12 port indicates a fault. This reduces troubleshooting and increases machine uptime,” says Dr. Hornis.

Pepperl+Fuchs offers a comprehensive family of AS-Interface networking solutions. The AS-Interface wiring system is one of the most useful and versatile networks available for automation applications. It replaces more complex and cumbersome wiring systems and drastically simplifies wiring and diagnostics. For more information download a free copy of the Pepperl+Fuchs AS-Interface Reference & Buyer’s Guide.

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