Honeywell Sensing and Control Zephyr Digital Airflow Sensors

The new Honeywell Zephyrâ„¢ Digital Airflow Sensors (HAF Series – High Accuracy) allow for very precise airflow measurement.

The Zephyr sensors provide enhanced reliability, digital accuracy, and repeatable measurements to meet many medical and industrial application specifications. These devices offer key competitive advantages not found in other digital airflow sensors, including:

  • Meet high accuracy specifications: High 2.5% accuracy allows for a very precise airflow measurement, often ideal for demanding applications with high accuracy requirements
  • Customizable: Allows the sensor to be designed to meet your specific needs
  • High sensitivity at very low flows: Allows your application the ability to detect the presence or absence of airflow
  • High stability: Reduces errors due to thermal effects and null shift to provide accurate readings over time, often eliminating the need for system calibration after printed circuit board (PCB) mount, and periodically over time
  • Low pressure drop: Typically improves patient comfort in medical applications, and reduces noise and system wear in components such as motors and pumps
  • Saves customers time and money: Linear output provides a more intuitive sensor signal than the raw output of basic airflow sensors, often eliminating the need for linearizing the output which can help reduce production/design costs and implementation time
  • Simplifies your production requirements: ASIC-based I2C digital output compatibility eases integration to micro-processors or micro-controllers, reducing PCB complexity and component count
  • Small: Small size occupies less space on the PCB, simplifying installation and potentially reducing production costs; PCB size may also be reduced, simplifying fit in space-constrained applications
  • Flexible: Low 3.3 Vdc voltage option and low power supply allow for battery-driven and other portable applications