Turck Rugged Managed and Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

TURCK’s line of Ethernet switches has been updated to include unmanaged models that will support either 4 or 8-pin M12 twisted pair cable, as well as 4 and 5-pin 7/8-16UN power cable. The 4-pin switch is suitable for EtherNet/IP applications with both managed and unmanaged options, while the 8-pin switch is suitable for standard Ethernet applications.


The fully encapsulated switches are capable of information transfer and real-time I/O control in harsh duty locations. The switches support 10/100 Base-T with twisted pair Ethernet cable. The unmanaged switches are available with 5 or 9-ports, while the managed switch is available with 9-ports, with one port used as a RS-232 configuration port.


Set up of the switches is achieved by applying power and connecting devices to the ports. IGMP, RSTP, SNMP and V-LAN are supported by the managed switch and may be configured by the RS-232 serial configuration port or by an internal Web page.



Turck Unmanaged Ethernet Switches


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