Honeywell Sensing and Control XYR Wireless Position Sensors

The OneWireless™ XYR™ 6000 Position Sensor allows remote, reliable valve position monitoring in a variety of applications to avoid the time and safety risk of manually monitoring valves in hazardous areas and remote installations.

The XYR 6000 Position Sensor is based on the proven and reliable MICRO SWITCH™ CX series hazardous location limit switch available for more than 40 years.

By combining the proven functionality of MICRO SWITCH technology with an enabler like the OneWireless network, position sensors can now be used for remote monitoring applications, including: positioners, manual process valves, safety shower notification, tank level indication, door position, louver/damper position, or any other presence, absence or position sensing application where installing wires is inefficient or cost-prohibitive.

The XYR 6000 Position Sensor delivers the following benefits:

Reliable Operations – Accurately monitor process parameters in real-time and enhance disaster recovery capability.

Enhance Safety – Reduce need for human site monitoring in areas that pose a safety risk.

Reduce Environmental Risk – reduce the potential for environmental incidence through the explosion-proof packaging of the sensor mechanism and identify true valve position to minimize risk of unwanted fluid release.

Achieve Higher Efficiency and Productivity – Increase process efficiencies through accurate valve position monitoring, electronic tagging of all valves in system, improve efficiency of scheduled maintenance by targeting valves that have degraded and enhance scalability and flexibility with the ability to add/move valve position sensors.

Lower System and Commissioning Costs – Easily and quickly retrofit existing equipment, reduce system complexity and eiminate the need for conduit easements.