IDEC MicroSmart Pentra RS485 Communication Module

Create even more powerful and flexible control systems with the new RS485 communication module for IDEC’s MicroSmart Pentra PLC. MicroSmart Pentra is the only micro PLC on the market that allows your customers’ controls systems to seamlessly communicate with up to 7 serial devices via RS232C or RS485. With the new FC5A-SIF4 RS485 communication module, MicroSmart Pentra can even talk multiple communication protocols on the same system, making it simple to create a subsystem network using IDEC Datalink protocol or the standard Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol.

Only IDEC offers a communication module that enables you to configure up to seven communication ports! Connect your operator interface, PC, temperature controllers, VFDs and printer, or create a Datalink or Modbus network with up to 95,000 I/O points.

Not only does it support the standard Maintenance and User’s protocol, but also Modbus and Datalink protocol. For fast transmission speed, the FC5ASIF4 also supports communication baud rates up to 115Kbps. Up to five FC5A-SIF4 modules can be configured on the MicroSmart slim CPU, and up to three on the All-in-One CPU.

IDEC MicroSmart Pentra RS485 Communication Module

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