Turck CANopen Gearless Compact Absolute Encoders

TURCK has recently added a CANopen version to its line of F36 absolute encoders. The Kübler by TURCK F36 encoder series is characterized by its compact size, high performance and robust design, making them well suited for drive engineering or medical technology applications.

The F36 series is the first optical multiturn encoder without gears on the market, making them completely insensitive to magnetic fields. These encoders feature a hollow shaft diameter up to 10 mm in a device of only 36 mm. Despite its compact design, it is IP67 rated and has a wide temperature range of -30 to 85°C. Using OptoASIC technology enables the F36 encoder to reach a high resolution of up to 16 bits for singleturn applications; the multiturn version has a resolution of up to 32 bits.

Turck CANopen Gearless Absolute Encoders

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