Banner Engineering R-GAGE QT50R Retroreflective Sensor

Provide a version of the R-Gage that can reliably sense stationary targets with poor or no radar reflection, and can sense targets up to the face of the sensor. Key applications include loading docks, tollbooths, gate control, parking ramps, and train detection.


  • FMCW (true-presence) radar detects moving and stationary objects
  • Retro-wave sensor —use of reference signal (retroreflective target) enables reliable detection of weak targets in the foreground
  • Retro-wave detection — output activates for objects detected in the foreground OR for loss of detection of the retroreflective target
  • Ignores objects in the background beyond the retroreflective target
  • Sensing field is configured via remote TEACH
  • Sensitivity and output settings configured with simple DIP switches
  • Sensing functions are unaffected by wind, rain, fog, light, humidity and air temperatures
  • Sensor operates in Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) telecommunication band; no special license required
  • Rugged IP67 housing withstands harsh environments