IDEC Safety Light Curtains

When you need specific safety features and certification, SG light curtains are the answer! These compact (32 x 37mm profile) Type 2 and Type 4 light curtains offer finger protection, hand protection or presence control with an operating distance up to 19m and controlled heights from 150 to 1800mm. Integrated functions include Test/Restart, Auto/Manual Restart and EDM.

SG4 series is one of the best available Type 4 light curtains on the market. They are perfect for operating point protection on equipment, such as paper cutting machines or machine presses. SG4 light curtains can be aligned using the 7-segment display on either the emitter or receiver. Plus these light curtains are available in both hand or finger control.

SG2 series is perfect for automated warehouses, machine restart prevention and robotic manufacturing. Offered in two models, basic and extended, they can be installed quickly and easily for either hand or presence control.

Rotating mounting brackets and compact size of these light curtains make installation and alignment of the emitting and receiving units easy, even at long distances and in applications using mirrors. No connection is necessary between the two units as configuration can be accomplished without control units or supplementary cables.

Protective IP67/IP67K enclosures are available for more extreme conditions, as well as a protective guard or lens shield.

IDEC Safety Light Curtains

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