IDEC SafetyOne FS1A SmartSafety Relay

When you want a straightforward system that’s safe, easy-to-install and won’t cost an arm and a leg, an IDEC SafetyOne FS1A is the answer! The new FS1A-C11S, offers 24 pre-programmed logic safety circuits. That means you can configure a system without any programming, just by selecting one logic from 8 (FS1A-C01S) or 24 (FS1A-C11S) to configure a safety system. This makes it possible for you to control more types of safety systems.

Unlike multiple safety relay systems, which require lots of cumbersome wiring and take up too much space, our entry-level safety controller makes it easy to consolidate basic safety circuits. At the same time they meet all safety standards, save space with minimal wiring and cost customers less money.

FS1A SafetyOne can easily replace two to three safety relay control modules with no programming required. Not only that, SafetyOne can be configured simply by selecting logic and flipping on a dip switch and one module can connect with various safety components such as Emergency Stop switches, light curtains, Interlock switches, two hand controls and auxiliary components such as muting lights, sensors and much more.

FS1A is UL listed, TUV rated and CE marked, as well as meets IEC 61508 integrity level 3, ISO 13849-1 performance level e and EN954-1 safety category 4.

IDEC SafetyOne FS1A SmartSafety Relay

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