Phoenix Contact UM-PRO Profile Housings for Mounting PCBs

Phoenix Contact’s UM-PRO profile housings, or PCB trays, enable short assembly times with greater design flexibility for engineers looking to protect their PCB designs. The new design represents advancements over two existing products, the standard UM profile and the UM Modular product. The UM-PRO combines the advantages of a halogen-free, polyamide construction for higher operating temperatures with a complete single profile cut to specific customer-required lengths. This limits the number of components needed to achieve a complete solution.

Features and Benefits:

  • Snap-in assembly eliminates additional hardware and reduces assembly time
  • Ambient temperature rating up to 100 C, well in excess of UL’s 60 C requirement for devices mounted in standard, industrial enclosures
  • Profile supports three separate “slots” for mounting a PCB; the top slot allows for mounting components nearly on the edge of the PCB
  • Protection flexibility in a PCB cover that can be centered or can be positioned strategically over critical components
  • Optional communication between modules by means of standard Phoenix Contact connectors (Mini-COMBICON) facilitates networking of adjacent devices

Technical data:

  • Light gray, extrusion polyamide profile
  • Three tray widths: 72 mm, 108 mm, and 122 mm
  • End caps (side elements) in black and include the DIN rail foot
  • Additional foot elements available for support
  • Ground (PE) contacts incorporated into either or both end caps
  • Optional PCB supports for stability


  • Industrial controllers – drives, PLCs, etc.
  • Wiring interfaces, field termination assemblies (FTAs)