Red Lion Controls Ethernet Expansion Card for G3 HMIs

Red Lion announces the release of our Ethernet expansion card for the G3 series HMIs. This new expansion card allows the G3 series HMI to add a second Ethernet port for communication on two distinct Ethernet networks simultaneously – “a first for dedicated HMI platforms” say Jesse Benefiel, Product Manager at Red Lion Controls.

The G3 series of HMIs supports 10 simultaneous Ethernet protocols, providing unprecedented connectivity and integration. The addition of a second Ethernet port allows communication with devices on two separate networks without the addition of an industrial router saving cost as well as configuration time.

The ability to isolate machine level networks from the enterprise network benefits both process engineers and IT managers – the engineer can assign a fixed IP address for the port connected to his PLCs, drives, etc., while allowing the IT personnel to either pick their own IP address or to use DHCP to configure the enterprise port.

The G3ENET card can be fitted to any G3 series HMI with only a single Ethernet port, and is configured via Red Lion’s free Crimson® software.


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