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Osisense XG Radio Frequency Identification System

Make the most of the openness with the Schneider Electric OsiSense XG Radio Frequency Identification System. Freely choose the tag you wish, and enjoy automatic adaptation to your network protocol.

Industrial Enclosures

Schneider Electric is among the world’s leaders in the field of industrial boxes, wall-mounting enclosures, and monobloc and suitable floor-standing enclosures, offered in all needed materials (steel, stainless steel, polyester and thermoplastic), and with an extensive range of accessories.

Altivar & Altistart Drives and Soft Starts

The Altivar family of variable speed AC drives and the Altistart family of soft starts presents the most advanced and user-friendly solutions in the marketplace. The complete line of Altivar and Altistart products feature proprietary motor control algorithms to achieve optimal reactions times and complete scalability to match your application requirements for speed, size and protection.

Altivar 61 Variable Speed Drive

The Altivar 61 AC drive defines ease of use for variable speed drives used in centrifugal pump and fan applications by offering the most advanced range of features, functions and flexibility. Its evolutionary design reduces installation, start-up and maintenance time while providing a user-friendly interface, exceptional connectivity and reliable operation in a wide range of applications.

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