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SUNCLIX Toolless Photovoltaic Connection System

Say goodbye to crimping pliers, shrink sleeves and other compromises. From now on, when installing photovoltaic systems, varying cable lengths can be wired from the module to the inverter more efficiently with Phoenix Contact’s SUNCLIX connection system.


Surge Protection for MCR Technology

As a system solution, Phoenix Contact’s LINETRAB surge protection and MINI Analog isolation amplifiers completely fulfill MCR technology requirements such as accurate measurement, reliable transmission and proper conversion of signals.


Wiring Channels and DIN Rails

Phoenix Contact’s wide range of DIN rails and wiring channels enables flexible and optimum use of the available space in your control cabinet. Wiring devices can be used to assemble DIN rails and wiring channels individually and cost-effectively.


VARIOSUB Industrial Ethernet Connectors

RJ45, M12 D-coded, or FO with SCRJ – whatever interface is being used, VARIOSUB from Phoenix Contact provides an extensive product range for structured, industrial Ethernet cabling in tough environments.


TOOL fox

Phoenix Contact offers the complete range of professional processing and measuring tools for all applications in electrical engineering. The TOOL fox line provides excellent quality tools for cutting, stripping, pressing, crimping, screwing and testing, along with automated cutting, stripping and crimping devices.


Miracle Electron Diet

Phoenix Contact extends the warranties offered on the MINI, STEP, QUINT, and TRIO power supplies to five years unconditional when using Phoenix Contact’s recommended surge protection solution.


Signal Connectors

Signal processing and transfer are critical to the smooth operation of automated processes. Additionally, space-saving design and easy handling are also important. Phoenix Contact provides the device manufacturer and the system manufacturer with an extremely wide range of innovative connectors with IP20 and IP767 rated protection.


Spring Force PCB Terminal Blocks

The growing LED-lighting sector has special needs for small connection solutions. Along with a height of only 5mm, the new PTSM print terminal block from Phoenix Contact offers a comfortable releasable spring force connection technology.


Thermomagnetic Circuit Breaker UT 6-TMC

The new thermomagnetic circuit breakers from Phoenix Contact help put systems back into operation quickly Tripped circuit breakers are clearly indicated and can be easily switched on again with the press of a button.


PLUSCON Programming Ports

Programming ports are typically used on the side of a control panel, to allow software modifications without opening the control panel door. Phoenix Contact provides housings with a metal cover for IP65 rated protection, or a plastic cover for IP54 rated protection, which are suitable for most applications.



Phoenix Contact offers a new line of value-priced PVC sensor/actuator cordsets, now available for factory automation applications. The cordsets can be used to connect field devices such as sensors and actuators. The PVC cable gives good resistance to chemicals and performs well under normal mechanical stresses.


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