Phoenix Contact STEP 2 Slim and Flat Power Supplies

Phoenix Contact introduces the newest additions to the STEP Generation 2 power supply product offering. These models include narrow versions as well as a flat variation for shallow control cabinets. The new variants are 24 V DC/0.5 A, 12 V DC/1 A and 12 V DC/1.5 A (with a smaller housing). These new power supplies fill needs in applications with low current requirements or in low-profile control cabinets. The 12 V DC/1.5A FL power supply is just 43 mm deep, an 18 mm reduction from the other STEP power supplies.



  • Worldwide input voltage range
  • 85-264 V AC
  • 95-250 V DC
  • Efficiency
  • Only 0.4 W consumption idling (12 V/1 A)
  • Only 0.4 W consumption idling (12 V/1.5 A)
  • Only 0.3 W consumption idling (24 V/0.5 A)
  • Local diagnostics
  • Indication of the DC output status