Turck IP20 I/O Stations for AS-interface Networks

TURCK introduces a family of IP20 rated, in-the-cabinet, block I/O stations for AS-interface (AS-i) networks. The FAS20 stations’ small size and DIN-rail mounting option makes it suitable for upgrading existing panels in batch processing, pharmaceutical and material handling applications.

The FAS20 stations are available with either four inputs or with four inputs and four outputs. All I/O ports are terminal blocks and are available in removable and non-removable versions. The AS-i bus and AUX power connections may be made via terminal blocks or an optional integrated M12 eurofast ® bulkhead receptacle for connection outside of an enclosure.

The full AS-i version 3.0 is available with these stations, allowing the AS-i network to double the maximum number of slaves under one master from 31 to 62.

Turck Technical Datasheets