Banner Engineering WORLD-BEAM QS30 Mid-Size Adjustable-Field Sensors

Banner Engineering has added a mid-size range to their WORLD-BEAM QS30 line of adjustable-field sensors. These sensors complement the QS18AF short-range and Q60LAF long-range sensors.

  • 128 element photo receiver for superior performance on varying colors and textures
  • Sensing range in midsize QS30 housing
    • QS30AFF400 – 400 mm (6% Black Card)
    • QS30AF600 – 600 mm (90% White Card)
  • Suppression:
    • QS30AFF400 – Foreground suppression for reliable detection with a fixed background is present and object color or shape varies
    • QS30AF600 – Background suppression models for reliable detection of objects when the background condition is not controlled or fixed
  • Linear multi-turn screw adjustment for cutoff distance
  • Enhanced immunity to fluorescent lights
  • Crosstalk immunity allows two sensors to be used in close proximity
  • Tough ABS housing is rated IEC IP67; NEMA 6
  • Bipolar discrete outputs, PNP and NPN
  • Models available with 2m or 9 m (6.5’ or 30’) cable or integral metal quick-disconnect; or 150mm (6”) pigtail
  • Mounting versatility via popular 30 mm threaded barrel or side mount
  • Large, bright output indicator