Honeywell Sensing and Control 225mm Linear SMART Position Sensor

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The SMART Position Sensor 225 mm Linear Configuration is Honeywell Sesning and Control’s second non-contacting linear position sensor, joining the SMART Position Sensor 75 mm Configuration that was introduced in December 2009. They sense the position of a magnet relative to a sensor in the following sensing ranges:

  • 225 mm configuration: 0 to 225 mm [0 to 8.86 in]
  • 75 mm configuration: 0 to 75 mm [0 to 3.0 in]

Honeywell’s SMART Position Sensors are one of the most durable, adaptable and lightweight linear position devices available in the industry today. Their simple, non-contact design eliminates mechanical failure mechanisms, reduces wear and tear, improves reliability and durability, enhances operation efficiency and safety, and minimizes downtime.