IDEC HG3G Operator Interface Touchscreens

Sharp Displays with Excellent Clarity, Brightest in the market
The HG3G series of touchscreens by IDEC are high definition TFT LCD displays with a resolution of SVGA 800×600 pixels. With 65,536 available colors to provide realistic images and the brightest displays in the market (8.4” – 600 cd/m2, 10.4” – 700 cd/m2) these screens provide clear, sharp and bright displays, even in environments with low light.

Fast 400 MHz CPU Processor
Operations are quick and command response time is immediate with the HG3G Series. In addition, the touchscreens startup within 3 seconds, improving productivity and allowing faster access to critical programs or problem identification.

12MB User Memory
The HG3G screens have 12 MB of internal memory to store large complex projects. If additional storage is needed, an SD card or USB flash drive can be used.

Audio Out
An external speaker with built-in amplifier can be attached to the HG3G to provide sound output. For example, sound can be used to alert someone for faster system recovery when a problem occurs on the plant floor. In addition, use pre-recorded messages as a voice guidance system for more efficient operations.

Easy I/O Control
Up to 2 Microsmart digital I/O modules can be mounted on one HG3G, eliminating the use of a PLC and saving space in the panel. This also means that the project programming can all be done in the operator interface, utilizing parts and scripts to do simple I/O control.

Note: The 10.4″ models will be available by November 2010.