IDEC LH1D Jumbo Dome LED Spider Lights

IDEC introduces the LH Jumbo Dome series of LED Spider Lights. Best for mounting on the surface of equipment or panels, these lights provide excellent visibility from the front and the side!

LH spider lights can be used in various applications that do not have space behind the panel.
These include robotic arms, product picking, door monitoring and other applications. You can choose dual-color or tri-color pre-wired LED spider lights rather than drilling holes to mount
multiple pilot lights.

Offered in seven bright colors (amber, blue, green, pure white, white, red, yellow), these 24V AC/DC Jumbo Dome Spider Lights maintain an impressive 50,000 hour lifespan while consuming low amounts of energy. Two-color alternate illuminations are available giving you a 2-for-1 option. A red/green/white three-color option gives them even more choices, creating a space-saving alternative to using a multiple tiered light.

LH Series of lights are c-UL-us listed, CE marked and TUV rated. All Spider Lights are also IP67 rated for protection against exposure to water. Direct cable wiring ensures these waterproof characteristics. LH Jumbo Dome Spider Lights are available with 1, 3 and 5m cables or with an M12 connector.