Schneider Electric Premium 30 Energy Efficient Transformers

Schneider Electric’s Premium 30 Energy Efficient Transformers are designed to exceed minimum efficiency program standards—giving you optimum performance and superior quality you expect from Square D® products.

Incorporate these NEMA PREMIUM program-approved, low voltage transformers to reduce energy consumption and contribute to LEED® certifications in commercial, industrial and institutional facilities.


Features & Benefits:

  • NEMA PREMIUM Compliant — complies with NEMA Premium Efficiency Transformer Program specifications.
  • Energy Efficient — Contributes to LEED® certification through reliable reduction in energy.
  • Easy to Spec & Install — Mounting dimensions consistent with Square D TP1 and General Purpose Transformers.
  • Safe & Reliable — All units tested per NEMA ST-20 and NEMA TP-2 requirements in a laboratory that participates in UL’s Client Data Test Program (UL File DA643).
  • Compact Footprint — 3” clearances from all ventilated openings require less overall installation floor space compared to the industry standard of 6”.
  • Intuitive Design — Terminal location and wiring compartment designs meet the National Electrical Code bending requirement.

Square D Premium 30 Energy Efficient Transformers Available:

    • Distribution Transformers
      • Three Phase 15 to 1000kVA
    • Non-Linear Transformers
      • K-9 and K-13 options
      • Three Phase 15 to 750kVA
    • Harmonic Mitigating Transformers
      • 0° and 30° Phase Shift
      • Three Phase 15 to 750kVA