Phoenix Contact PSR-FSP Process Safety Relay

The PSR-ESP (2981020) is Phoenix Contact’s original Safety Integrity Level (SIL)-rated or process safety relay. Some of the largest process companies in the world currently use this relay. It has also been Phoenix Contact’s best-selling safety relay over the last several years. Experience with these high-profile process customers has led to a smaller, more advanced and a slightly less expensive relay, the PSR-FSP.



  • Completely compatible with the “test pulses” occurring on safe PLC/DCS outputs
  • Inrush requirement is limited for safe PLC/DCS output compatibility
  • Built-in fuse for the safe output contact
  • One normally open redundant safety output and one normally closed status output
  • Just 17.5 mm wide
  • SIL 3-rated: SIL reliability data is available on the instruction sheet in the box.