Rittal CP-C Support Arm System

Machine controls often need to be easily moved into a position for use, adjusted to the user’s height, then pushed out of the way when the operation is complete. That’s when a support arm system is ideal — get the needed changes made, then get the enclosure off to the side.

Rittal leads the way with innovative pendant arms and the housing. For heavier applications the Rittal CP-XL support arm system is ideal, and for lighter loads you can use the CP-L. Right in the middle is the CP-C, which has been configured for use with Rittal’s OptiPanel and Comfort Panel cabinets and complements the design of these enclosures for a professional, finished look.

Like the other support arm systems offered by Rittal, the CP-C pendant arms can be mounted from the floor, off the side of a machine and from above. Need an elbow to create a 90 degree turn? It’s available. What about a hinge in the middle? You can get that too. Want to lock the enclosure into position, but have the flexibility to rotate the cabinet if needed? No problem.

Cable runs are also easy with a large interior channel which is roomy enough for VGA or DVI connectors. Need to separate the cables? There is a partition strip that makes this simple. Automatic electrical bonding means no ground straps and smartly designed bases and hinges make adjustments to the rotation angle easy.

The Rittal CP-C system’s smart modular design and intermediate high load bearing capacity allows configurations that are ideal for practically every situation.