New Literature from Rittal

TS8 Floor Stand and Solid Base Pan Kits

Rittal’s TS8 floor stand kits elevate TS8 modular freestanding and disconnect enclosures where separation between the floor and the enclosure are necessary due to environmental hazards or cable conduit installation/access concerns. Solid base pan kits serve as an alternative to the standard TS8 cable gland plate base configuration and provide a solid, heavy-duty surface at the bottom of the enclosure.

IT Liquid Cooling Packages

Rittal’s scalable Liquid Cooling Pacages (LCPs) can handle high heat densities (up to 44 kW per rack) and adapt to changing requirements as quickly as needed – all while reducing energy consumption and costs by up to 30 to 45%. Heat energy from installed IT equipment is absorbed and removed from the rack, at the rack level, by water, and then fan modules circulate the cooled air created by this exchange through the equipment.

RiLine60 Busbar Power Distribution System

In the field of low-voltage technology, Rittal is a key player in control and distribution technology for industrial systems and data centers. Systems based on RiLine60 are individual and economical, thanks to their component modularity and diversity.

JB and WM Specification Guide

Rittal’s WM and JB enclosures are focused on meeting the needs of the North American market – readily available in all of the most popular sizes, protection categories and configurations used by their customers. Combined with a full range of accessories, Rittal’s wallmount and junction box enclosures can be tailored to your specifications to create truly customized solutions.

TS8 Specification Guide

The Rittal TS8 is the premier modular enclosure available in the world today. Its patented 16-fold frame profile is engineered to handle large load capacities of up to 3200 lbs, while its modular design is easily adaptable to your unique requirements.