Harting Han-Yellock Connector Video

Han-Yellock® is flexible, offers utmost safety and reliability, unburdens highly complex technical components such as switch cabinets and requires practically no tools for assembly. This new design is an expression of functionality — the Han-Yellock® offers connection technology that matches the surface to the functions. The design is as functional as the exterior is elegant.

The basic ideas behind the Han-Yellock® are amazingly simple, and yet tremendously effective. The Han-Yellock® housing has a split on the cable side. The surface and add-on parts have been designed with an eye to harsh industrial requirements, such as those found in the machine construction industry, energy technology and plant construction. Operating controls are protected inside the housing, and display a blocking function that offers additional safety in and for industrial applications.

Han-Yellock® is a self-contained interface concept that is not plug-compatible with the known Han A® or Han® B sub-assemblies. In addition to a housing in new sizes, it also includes three different contact insert systems.

  • Han-Yellock® module for allowing contacts and potentials to be duplicated
  • Adapter frame for using the Han-Modular® modules
  • Monoblocks for the greatest contact density

Han-Yellock® is a comprehensive concept that offers more than just the actual components because it adds solutions for mounting material and housing labeling and a tool for producing the sheet metal cut-outs.