SMC Pneumatics LEHZJ Two-Finger Electric Gripper with Dust Cover

If you need a high quality, easy to program, electric gripper with IP50 enclosure compatibility, then look no further than SMC’s new Series LEHZJ. With similar operational performance and energy saving benefits as their LEHZ electric gripper range, the new LEHZJ model has been designed with a sealed dust cover to eliminate dust, grease splatters or machine cutting particles from entering the internal parts of the gripper.

Depending on your application, the dust cover can be selected from a choice of materials including chloroprene rubber, fluororubber or silicon rubber and as the cover has been designed without any protrusions, the gripper will not interfere with other installed equipment. The LEHZJ range is particularly suitable for eliminating dust contamination of the gripper in paper, moulding and ceramic industries.

As with the LEHZ series, these two-finger electric grippers are structured to maintain workpiece gripping force in the event of an emergency stop or restart.

SMC Pneumatics LEHZJ Electric Gripper

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