Phoenix Contact PLC-PIT Coupling Relays with Push-In-Technology

PLC-PIT coupling relays from Phoenix Contact can be easily and quickly connected without specialized tools. Push-In-Technology creates a high degree of usability and includes a wide range of connections; from wires as small as 0.34 mm² to larger types, such as sensor wires. This time-saving connection technology is enhanced even further with the use of a ferrule, making connections easy and reliable. The Phoenix Contact PLC relay system gives you three connection choices: the screw, spring cage or Push-In Technology spring clamp system.

Get seamless, standard wiring – from your control system to your sensor/actuator level – by simply plugging in. When combined with the system cabling from Phoenix Contact, these quick-connector relays allow you to join the controller with your periphery quickly and conveniently.Features

  • Only 6.2 mm wide
  • Universal types and many special versions are available
  • DIN rail-mount spring block
  • Accessories include; system cable adapters, feed terminals and plug-in bridges