Phoenix Contact PSR-FSP Process Safety Relays

Phoenix Contact has expanded its process safe/SIL relay line with the SIL 3-rated PSR-FSP/2×1 and the SIL 2-rated PSR-FSP2/2×1.

Features Common to Both Safe Relays

  • Two normally open safety outputs and one normally closed status output.
  • Completely compatible with the “test pulses” occurring on safe PLC/DCS outputs.
  • Inrush requirement is limited for Safe PLC/DCS output compatibility (55mA).
  • 17.5mm wide.
  • Normally closed status contact can be wired in series to automate the “proof test” for SIL.
  • Note: Fuses are not included for the normally open safety outputs on either of these two components.
Major Differences
  • The PSR-FSP/2×1 is SIL 3-rated; the PSR-FSP2/2×1 is SIL-2 rated.
  • The SIL 3 PSR-FSP/2×1 is internally redundant; the SIL 2 PSR-FSP2/2×1 is not.
  • The SIL 2 PSR-FSP2/2×1 costs less.