Banner Engineering EZ-BEAM TM18 Heavy-Duty Sensors

Banner Engineering’s TM18 EZ-BEAM sensor line offer compact sensors in a rugged nickel-plated, die-cast zinc metal housing to withstand extremely harsh environments. The all-metal, mechanically robust construction is ideal for conveyors in heavy duty machine environments and IP69K (non food and beverage) applications, and is offered in four different sensing modes.


  • Heavy duty metal housing with 18mm threaded barrel mount and integral metal QD prevents sensor damage during machine assembly, transport, maintenance, and operation.
  • Right angle “T” mounting fits in tight places, prevents sensor damage, and avoids personnel catch points.
  • Models with 4-wire complementary NPN or PNP, or 3-wire I/O block compatible outputs available.
  • Featuring EZ Beam technology provides reliable sensing without adjustments.
  • Visible red LED models available in opposed, polarized retroreflective, and fixed-field (background suppression) modes.
  • Completely epoxy encapsulated electronics to provide superior durability, especially in harsh sensing environments.
  • Sensors rated IP69K for resistance to intermittent high pressure washdown.
  • Innovative dual indicator systems take the guess work out of sensor performance monitoring.
  • Fixed-field models are immune to fluorescent lights and false outputs from lights beyond the sensing point.