IDEC HG3G Operator Interface Touchscreen Update

IDEC has made some big changes to their HG3G OI Touchscreens, their 8.4- and 10.4-inch TFT color displays, in response to customer demand! And to implement them, you don’t even need to buy an additional hardware or software tool! That’s right, just upgrade the touchscreen’s firmware to A.O. software version 1.51 and just like that, new features and enhancements to all HG3G OITs in minutes! What are these great changes?

Remote Monitor and Control
In addition to the remote access capability of IDEC OI Touchscreens and PLCs to upload, download and use Pass through programming via the Ethernet, you can now remotely monitor and control IDEC HG3G Touchscreens from your computer, PDA or Smartphone using a web browser. This will allow you to remotely see the same information shown on the touchscreen. You can monitor the same values and statuses, as well as control them by clicking the pushbuttons to change statuses/operations, print, switch screens or change values as if you were right in front of your touchscreen.

This is an efficient way to troubleshoot, test and do maintenance regardless of location. Whether on vacation or at an office thousands of miles away, less time and money spent on travel is savings in your pocket.

  • No additional software tool or module required
  • Up to 5 clients can remotely monitor and control at the same time using a web browser (IE8, Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Opera)
  • Simple configuration to enable remote monitoring and control – it’s easy as checking a box to enable the function in WindOI-NV2 software