SMC Pneumatics LESH_D Electric Slide Table/In-Line Motor Type

Machine builders using electric slide tables for positioning, aligning, transporting and pick and place applications now have a space saving option following the launch SMC Pneumatics’ new Series LESH[ ]D.

Developed for general industry use, these slide tables are around 45% narrower than previous SMC models but still offer outstanding performance. With adjustable speed, thrust and positioning up to 64 points, these actuators can operate at speeds up to 400 mm/s, with positioning repeatability of ± 0.05 mm and thrust between 15N to 180N depending on the selected model.

  • Combines the repeatability and precision of an electric actuator with a high-precision slide table.
  • Same specifications as Series LESH, with motor mounting position in-line with cylinder bore.
  • Easy-to-use teaching box requires only 2 inputs: position and speed.
  • Programmable up to 64 positions.