SMC Pneumatics RHC-XC93 High Power Cylinder with Water Scraper

If you need a fast cylinder with high levels of water resistance then simply look no further than SMC Pneumatics’ new Series RHC –XC93. Available in 32 and 40mm bore sizes, this powerful cylinder, which can move light loads at up to 3000mm/s, is fitted with a fluororubber scraper to prevent water entering the cylinder thereby extending the cylinder’s operational performance by five times when compared to standard RHC models.

Further design features include the introduction of a lube retainer which coats the piston rod with a light grease film for improved lubrication and the availability of a stainless steel rod and rod end nut type option – Series RHC-XC93S.

As with all high performance cylinders, smooth cushioning is an absolute must and SMC’s Series RHC-XC93 models can absorb 10 to 20 times more energy than a general purpose cylinder.

SMC Pneumatics RHC-XC93 High Power Cylinder

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