Schneider Electric Enclosed Altistart 22 Soft Start/Soft Stop Motor Controller

The Enclosed Altistart 22 solid-state combination motor controllers from Schneider Electric provide a pre-engineered, integrated solution for reduced voltage starting and soft stopping of standard three-phase asynchronous induction (squirrel cage) motors. The enclosed controllers consist of a circuit breaker disconnect and an Altistart 22 soft starter in a stand-alone enclosure.

With its energy efficient features, such as reduced current inrush, reduced voltage drop and mechanical shocks, the Enclosed Altistart 22 controller offers an ideal solution for your basic motor control needs, including:

  • A six thyristor (SCR) solid-state power configuration providing smooth acceleration and deceleration control of three-phase squirrel cage motors
  • Control algorithms that are integrated to ensure smooth rotation throughout the starting ramp without mechanical instability at the end of starting
  • An integral shorting contactor to reduce steady state controller operational losses

Achieve greater energy efficiency with simple system integration and control

  • Integrated bypass reduces the number of external components: power wiring, contactor and control wiring for coil
  • Wiring six terminals instead of twelve saves time and money
  • Integrated bypass contactor decreases heat dissipation, allowing for a smaller enclosure
  • Conformal coated printed circuit boards provide enhanced resistance to harsh environments, increasing the service life of your installation and reducing maintenance costs