Schneider Electric Harmony XB5R Wireless/Batteryless Push Button

Schneider Electric’s Harmony XB5R Push Button is the first industrial switch with no wires and no batteries that offers flexibility and mobility to equipment operators and cuts installation costs up to 20 percent. With its powerful functionality to pass wireless signals through doors, walls, and floors, the Harmony wireless, batteryless push button allows equipment operators to remotely control machines at a distance of up to 25 meters in an industrial environment, enabling better control of industrial operations anytime, anywhere.

This functionality is especially valuable in conveyance machines in automotive, mining, and logistics applications, as well as palletizers and bottling machines in food and beverage applications.

These push buttons come in ready to use packages with transmitter and receiver already paired, making the ordering process simple and contribute to the fast implementation. Additional ZB4 and ZB5 transmitters are available as components, and up to 32 transmitters can be paired to a single receiver!