Schneider Electric XUKS Stainless Steel Photoelectric Sensors

Daily cleaning cycles within the food and beverage processing industry subject sensors to severe conditions. Hygiene in the food and beverage processing industry is of paramount importance. The sensors must withstand, at least once a day, cleaning in very severe conditions: high pressure, high temperature and aggressive cleaning products.

Needless to say, the photo-electric sensors must be capable of withstanding these conditions for many years, without failure. With the Schneider Electric OsiSense XUKS (stainless steel 316L, IP69K, ECOLAB) range, this is successively achieved.

Resistance to aggressive environments
In the food and beverage processing industry, the daily cleaning cycle entails:

  • Washing, removal of heavy dirt
  • Cleaning with an alkaline product
  • Rinsing off the alkaline product
  • Extracting calcium deposits using acidic product
  • Disinfecting
  • Rinsing off the disinfection product
  • Rinsing with pure water

OsiSense XUKS has been created to withstand all these operations at high pressure and high temperature.

Ease of mounting and adjustment
High optical performance enables remote mounting and simplified setting-up:

  • Background suppression up to 550mm for white, grey or black object.
  • Visible red spot whatever the brightness conditions.
  • Preset detection which can be simply and quickly adjusted using flush “teach” button.

This sensor withstands all chemical and mechanical aggression:

  • For resisting chemical products: ECOLAB certification
  • For resisting high pressure and high temperature: degree of protection IP69K
  • For resisting mechanical shocks: stainless steel 316L monobloc case.