Mersen FBJX Fused Disconnect Switches

The new FBJX series of fused switches are smaller than their predecessors, have several new features, and are built to last! They are listed to UL98 for “service entrance” applications and have a modular design, which allows for 2, 3, or 4-pole availability. Mersen has beefed up the FBJX’s mounting areas and added separate 14 AWG wire taps for parallel loads like control power transformers and/or surge protection. The gear box has a lock-out, tag-out provision, as well as a test position and can accept up to 2 auxiliary contacts.


This new design is almost 2” narrower than the old style and new box terminals on the 100A mean you won’t need to buy terminal lugs and shrouds!



  • Front or side operation
  • Up to 200kAIC
  • Three 14 AWG power taps on both line and load sides
  • Fuse pull-out handles on 30A and 60A
  • Box terminals up to 100A eliminates the need for terminal lugs and shrouds
  • Test feature – rotate handle counterclockwise
  • 30 and 60A are DIN-rail-mountable
  • 2-, 3-, and 4-pole versions available
  • Integral fuse covers
  • Lock-out / tag-out hasp




Volts :
600VAC, 250VDC
Amps : 30A, 60A, 100A, and 200A
SCCR : Up to 200kA with class J fuses