Mersen SXDC Non-Fused Disconnect Switches

The new SXDC series of non-fused switches are IEC-rated for 1000VDC for 4-poles in series and 750VDC for 3-poles in series.

The small footprint and low profile allow for a secure mounting in the toughest applications! They are listed to UL98 at 600VDC for “service entrance” applications and are available in 3 or 4-pole configurations. The mounting feet are located on the corners and can swivel to accommodate design variations.


Flexible terminal barriers allow for wire bending.



  • Front Operation
  • Double-break silver-plated contacts
  • Clear On/Off indication
  • 3 and 4-pole versions available
  • Flexible terminal barriers



Volts : UL98 rated 600VDC; IEC-rated 1000VDC for 4-pole in series and 750VDC for 3-pole.
Amps : 100A, 200A, and 400A
SCCR : 20kA with A70P fuses