Pepperl+Fuchs Multi-Pixel Array Photoelectric Sensors

RL31-8-H-800 series multi-pixel array sensors boast a sensing distance up to three times that of similarly sized photoelectric sensors, can reliably and consistently detect objects of varied colors without requiring any adjustments or the need to “re-teach,” and quickly and easily adapt to multiple and evolving application requirements. The result is a powerful and highly flexible solution that provides the simplicity of a single-switch point photoelectric sensor, but with the adaptability of a laser distance measurement sensor.

“Even when used in standard mode, the compact RL31-8-H-800 photoelectric sensor delivers a sensing distance that is up to three times that of similarly sized sensors enabling it to detect objects farther away while fitting into more space restricted areas. Additionally, these photoelectric sensors leverage an ultra high-intensity emitter called PowerBeam resulting in a visible and uniform light spot, even on dark and dull black materials, to simplify sensor alignment and detection,” says Jeff Allison, Product Manager. “These multi-pixel array sensors also have extremely low sensitivity to objects’ colors, so if printed material changes or plastic parts fade or a new container is introduced, for example, they are still able to reliably and consistently detect the object without requiring re-adjustments or re-teaching.”

The multi-pixel array design enables the RL31-8-H-800 series to be highly insensitive to object color. These photoelectric sensors detect white and black test objects to less than 5 percent difference of each other even over the entire specified sensing range. Competitive models can see wildly varying ranges up to 33% or even 40% variance in sensing distance.

“With decades of experience, Pepperl+Fuchs specializes in the high-precision, color-insensitive science of background suppression. Multi-pixel array is an offshoot of this technology that delivers the same precision but with greater adaptability,” says Allison.

IO-Link technology
IO-Link technology enables the RL31-8-H-800 series to deliver an extremely high level of sensing flexibility. IO-Link configuration is an efficient and cost-effective way to customize sensors for their particular task. It enables users to configure more than twelve different specifications to suit specific application needs – that flexibility is a definitive difference over competitive models, even compared with those that are IO-Link enabled.

“IO-Link opens up an entirely new layer of available parameters that enable RL31-8-H-800 users to customize the sensor to any number of different applications. This means that one sensor model can be used multiple ways to adapt to changing applications requirements and new machines,” explains Allison. “The RL31-8-H-800 series can also activate two independent outputs in one sensor to provide two different sensing distances; in effect becoming two sensors in a single housing. Additionally, Pepperl+Fuchs’ exclusive 4-in-1™ output slashes inventory costs by replacing four output models with one sensor, and eliminates output-related errors by automatically detecting the connected load,” explains Allison.

cULus listed RL31-8-H-800 multi-pixel array sensors can be used with the simplicity and precise discrete switching of a background suppression sensor, or for the flexible, higher level measurement sensing commonly reserved for laser distance measurement sensors. This versatility makes them ideally suited to satisfying the demanding power, performance and flexibility needs of a wide range of material handling, packaging, printing and automotive applications, among others, including presence checking, trigger sensing, stack height detection, tension checking, web break monitoring and fill level monitoring.