SMC Pneumatics EX600 Fieldbus System

The new EX600 unit from SMC Pneumatics offers a maximum of 512 digital inputs and 512 outputs. Unlike the EX250 and EX500, the EX600 offers the function of analog input and output modules (16 bit resolution). It can either be used as a single node or as part of a distributed network or Gateway layout or indeed a combination of both. The EX600 is also compatible with the M12 SPEEDCON connectors allowing for quick installation. With an increased number of diagnostic functions this product offers short and open circuit detection, detects whether the supply voltage is out of range and also keeps an error log. The unit can also warn of impending failures by keeping a cycle count.

Product Features

  • 512 digital inputs/ 512 digital outputs
  • SPEEDCON compatible
  • Analog input and output modules available
  • Open and short circuit protection cycle count warns of impending failure
  • Applicable valves series are the VQC, SV, SY and S0700.
  • Applicable Protocols: Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, CC-Link and EtherNet/IP